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picbarAudiences everywhere have been enjoying Pete Merrigan's bands and solo performances for many years. Since the age of 15, Pete's career has taken him from high school stages to concert halls, smoke-filled barrooms to festivals, opera houses, radio shows – over the airwaves and on the internet – and most every imaginable venue in between, through 19 states and 3 countries, a half million miles and several thousand shows. Pete has entertained crowds from the Caribbean Islands and the beaches of Florida's west coast to the ski resorts of New England playing acoustic guitar and harmonica and singing the songs he and his audiences love to hear.

A love of performing and a genuine love of his audience is what has made Pete Merrigan such a successful entertainer for all these years. People always sense that he truly enjoys what he does and that creates a good feeling in any room anywhere!

His fellow musicians have described him as the best front man they've ever worked with; a consummate performer with an innate sense of theatrics complemented by a funky, offbeat sense of humor, unlimited energy, a strong voice and the ability to portray, rather than just deliver a song. Whether the occasion calls for familiar, danceable material, a quiet dinner set, Pete adapts to the environment.

Four very polished albums, The Eyes of a Child, State of Grace, The Last Resort and the incredible live recording of him and his friends, The Mad Beach Band; A Night at the Opera, chronical his original songs such as "State of Grace," "Born Here" and "Eye of the Devil" (of which Steven Tyler, lead singer for Aerosmith, said "That's a great song!") Although solo performing is Pete's main focus these days, he has a ready list of talented side-men to accompany him when the gig calls for a 2, 3, 4, or 5 piece band.